I’m more than happy to announce that the Irish Times Journalist Fintan O’Toole has agreed to speak with us on the subject of the Government, State and Secularism in the month of October.

And another minor note, we are now included in the UCD wikipedia article:



I’m happy to announce that Senator Ivana Bacik, who opened the first AGM at Atheist Ireland, has agreed to speak with us in the coming year on the topic of the Irish Education system.

I’d pleased to announce that Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland has agreed to speak with us. Check this space in late August for a time

David Osborn

It is my pleasure to announce two confirmed speakers, Paul O’Donoghue, founder of the Irish Skeptics society, and Dick Spicer* of the Humanist Association of Ireland. Dick will be speaking at our inaugural event, and Paul some time later in the first semester.

We also have a preliminary agreement with a major international personality to speak in second semester, though this person’s identity will not be released until confirmed.

(*Or another senior member of the HAI board, if he is unavailable in early September.)

David Osborn

The inaugural Mission Statement of the Society has been approved at an Extraordinary General Meeting, and uploaded to the website, here.


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