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We’ve finalised our committee for the ’10/’11 year. The committee is as follows.

  • Auditor: Chris Salij
  • Secretary: Rita Harrold
  • Treasurer: Aoibheana Hobson
  • OCM: Liz Jennings

This will be our second year as a society and we’re ready & raring to go. This year we managed to get such celebrity speakers as PZ Myers, we also had talks from high profile guests like Dick Spicer, Ian O’ Doherty, Paul O’Donoghue & Michael Nugent.

Our former auditor, David Osborn, took part in the famous L&H God Debate as well as writing a number of articles for the college papers. We want to continue this fantastic start and so we’re currently gathering ideas for events and speakers for next year.

We’ve got a few ideas up our collective sleeve, but we’d appreciate knowing what you would like to see. So if you haveĀ  events you’d like us to hold, or any guest speakers you’d like to see, please feel free to contact us.

We’re also going to be using our facebook and twitter pages quite a lot more than last year. So do join our group and follow us.

For any suggestions, questions, comments or ideas, You have 4 ways to get in touch with us.

  • Via our Facebook group
  • @UCDHumanist on twitter
  • Commenting on this website
  • Emailing us directly on ucdhumanistsociety [at] gmail.com

We appreciate any feedback you give us and wish you a (hopefully) sunny summer.


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Our AGM will be held in Arts 101a at 6pm on Wednesday 21st of April, 2010. On the agenda is the election of the new committee, and reports on the year’s activity.

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The UCD Humanist Society will be hosting a film night at 6pm on Wed 24th of February in UCD Arts Room A109. We will be showing two short films, ‘Fitna’ and ‘Submission’ As always, all are very welcome.

Both films are polemic works that explore the issues of gender and terrorism associated with Islamic extremism and Islamic texts.

Geert Wilders, who made the film “Fitna” is an outspoken critic of Islam and is currently on trial in the Netherlands for comments made against the Islamic religion. The movie is therefore topical, and of interest to anyone who is of the Islamic faith, or indeed to anyone who is curious about free speech and its relationship with organized religion.

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PZ Myers update

At 6.30 on February 2nd in Theatre B in the Science Hub, PZ Myers will be giving a talk with the University College Dublin Secular Humanist Society (now in our first year!), and will receive an honourary lifetime membership of the society in recognition of his contribution to the evolution-creation controversy and the general secular/atheist discourse.

The event is open to the public, with entry costing non-students 5 euro. However, spaces for non-UCD students are limited. If you’re interested, please contact me at ucdhumanistsociety@gmail.com and I’ll put you on the guest list. Tickets can be collected from UCD by appointment, or you can pay at the door, though this isn’t recommended. (Please note that right of admission is reserved and we cannot fill the theatre beyond capacity and if it fills out we will have to turn away anyone who arrives.)

Thanks goes to NUIG Skeptic Soc and Zoosoc for getting the ball rolling. If you’re interested in seeing him in Galway, please contact them via skeptic.nuigalway.ie

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PZ Myers

We’re very pround to announce that on Tuesday2nd of feb, PZ Myers, Humanist of the year 09 and writer of Pharyngula, the world’s top rated science blog, will be speaking with us. Venue TBA, time 6.30 PM.

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Thursday, November 19th, 6pm, Arts D418, Irish Independent journalist and author of ISpy column Ian O’Doherty will be speaking with us on Freedom of Speech. This will surely be out last speaker of the year, so don’t miss out!

Light refreshments provided.

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Well some bad news and some news news.

Maryam Namazie will not be joining us as previously announced, but she will be attending a Law Soc event in 2010, so we’ll at least get to see her.

Also, our next event is Senator Bacik, who will be speaking at 1pm in Arts on the subject of religion in the Irish education system. She’s a fantastic speaker and is the only openly atheist member of either the Dail or the Senate.

This will be our last speaking event of 2009, but next semester we have Fintan O’Toole, Luke Flanagin, Ian O’Doherty, and more TBA (although the two journalists are hard to get a hold of!).

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